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Commercial Launch Campaign

In partnership with the NBCUniversal team, J1st developed and produced (1) sixty (:60) second co-branded vignette to air during Project Runway.

In this vignette, Lacy told her personal story identifying a 'double-binds' conflicting message that she has faced and how she instead drew the line, embracing her personal style and ultimately becoming the successful individual she is today.

We communicated TRESemmé's commitment to empowering women like Lacy to achieve their own ambitions and embrace their personal style.


Commercial Launch Campaign

Januarie 1st creatively directed and executed an ORS Olive Oil campaign in partnership with Ten35 and Hollandwest.


The campaign delivered marketing assets consisting of a 30-second launch video, gifs, lifestyle, and product photography.


The campaign is scheduled to launch country-wide distributed as out-of-home, point of sale, social, digital, and editorial assets.

Commercial Launch Campaign

Mastercard, in partnership with NBCUniversal and E! Live, commissioned Januarie 1st to create a: 60-second commercial featuring Fashion Designer and Host of E! Nightly Pop Host, Nina Parker. This commercial aired during The Grammys on CBS.

The ad garnered over 8.9M views on social platforms, notwithstanding proprietary metrics and incredible engagement from Grammy viewers and Nina Parker fans who shared their excitement.

Paid Wall Video Series

In partnership with Discovery's Food Network team, Januarie, 1st took on the creative development and execution of a six-episode baking series featuring Vallery Lomas.

We engaged Vallery's social network to get their burning baking questions and positioned our host to create dishes inspired by their questions. Vallery provided recipes, hacks, and general guidance to help overwhelmed bakers in need of some kitchen magic.

Commercial Launch Campaign

Blue Triton and Hogarth Worldwide commissioned Januarie 1st to produce five commercial vignettes as part of their Chosen Kin Campaign. 


Agency and Clients involved were thrilled with the final outcome of the campaign as well as the creative development and execution partnership, and requested to continue to engage J1st for their next campaign in Q2.

Custom Series

In partnership with the Ebony team, J1st developed and produced digital content for the

2022 Power 100 Gala. We communicated Ebony's commitment to moving Black forward by capturing high-quality content featuring breakthrough talent and industry veterans, highlighting important topics, and inspirational honorary videos.


The execution of the outlined deliverables positioned Ebony and the Power 100 gala as a leading entity championing Black culture in style.


In partnership with Hollandwest, the Januarie 1st team wrote, developed, and executed No Kid Hungry's fundraising campaign showcasing the powerful work the organization is doing in communities. The short film was screened live at Chef Kwame Onwuachi's Family Reunion at the Salamander Hotels & Resorts in partnership with No Kid Hungry and Food & Wine.

The film was so well received, teams have extended its run to air in cinemas as pre-roll promoting Kwame Onwuachi's Biopic starring LaKeith Stanfield.

Custom Series

In partnership with Ebony and JPMorgan Chase, J1st creatively developed and

executed four (4) three to five-minute videos sharing stories of black owned business owners across the country who have been directly impacted by JPMorgan Chase's initiatives.


Throughout the series, we featured a collection of practical resources and financial tools tailored to help Black business owners grow and scale their businesses by sharing first-hand accounts of business owners who have completed the program.


The story was captured in an authentic yet engaging format and positioned JPMorgan Chase as a trusted partner in the Black community, helping to pave the way to success.

Cross Network Campaign

In partnership with OWN, The Food Network, and Discovery, J1st produced and directed a multi- city, cross-network campaign with numerous assets highlighting Classico delivering on streaming, linear and digital platforms

This campaign was a successful natural integration of Classico sauce across three different networks and demographics. We seamlessly created conversations incorporating the brand.

Custom Series

In partnership with Pure Life, J1ST developed and produced 5 x 15 second vignettes

and 6 x 06 second vignettes cutdowns in addition to 1 x 30 launch video with all 06 second vignettes combined.


We captured the campaign's mood to evoke a deep emotional connection in each viewer, seeing themselves, their friends, and their families in these relatable scenarios.


This approach told a story that feels like the beginning of a forever memory we're witnessing through loving and empowering relationships—highlighting Pure Life as the ever-present companion throughout.

Original Programming Series

J1st successfully pitched an original programming concept to the Food Network, which got greenlit for four pilot episodes. Our team vetted and cast a unique and fresh culinary star, Chef Yadira Garcia, to star as the show's host, featuring Dominican-based dishes and traditions. The series takes its viewers on a culinary adventure around the city.

The series garnered close to a quarter-million views on social media during its release. Complex magazine, amongst other outlets, has written stellar reviews. The network has praised the concept as being on par with its annual initiatives. Viewers have praised the show for. its inclusivity and cultural accuracy.

Custom Series

In partnership with OWN and Hologic, Januarie 1st executed a two-season series promoting women's health for OWN's Own Your Health initiative. The first season hosted by Adrienne Bankert, a renowned news journalist, was conducted 100% remotely. It featured women's health experts located across the country and internationally. The second season featured Kym Whitley, Debbie Allen and her daughter Vivian Nichole Nixon.

The Own Your Health campaign was successful initiative shared across digital platforms and linear programming, garnering over a

million views on Instagram platforms only.

Commercial Campaign

J1st worked closely with The Cusp Network and Hollandwest to write and produce two commercials to meet the brand’s objective of engaging multi-generational African American families.

Utilizing a real family and tapping into authentic stories garnered feedback from online viewers celebrating how relatable the campaign's storytelling was.

Custom Series

In partnership with the Robert Randolph Foundation, Empire Entertainment, and Ebony, our team managed the creative development and execution of the 2021 Inaugural Juneteenth Unityfest Livestream. Over 100 content pieces were created as educational and entertaining interstitials, hosted by celebrities like Phylicia Rashad, Wayne Brady, Billy Porter, Craig Robinson, Jon Hamm, Aisha Tyler, LeVar Burton, Zach Galifinakis, Jason Wright, Roger Guenveur Smith, Holly Robinson Peete, Jesse Williams and many more.

Over >million views across multiple platforms Over >100 content pieces created Successful, uninterrupted five hour live stream

Commercial Campaign

J1st worked closely with The Cusp Network and Hollandwest to write and produce two commercials to meet the brand’s objective of engaging multi-generational African American families.

Utilizing a real family and tapping into authentic stories garnered feedback from online viewers celebrating how relatable the campaign's storytelling was.

Custom Series

J1st worked with AT&T and Hearts & Science to discover two new duos on the scene - Chloe & Halle and St. Beauty. We captured a day in their lives to showcase how technology allows each team to stay connected at all times, especially powering through last-minute creative collaborations.

Our casting of new talent proved accurate as Chloe and Halle and the ladies of St. Beauty went on to become massive stars, positioning the campaign to grow and garner attention organically.


Januarie, 1st creatively executed a campaign geared toward investors for Solarworks and Persistent.


Our team packed up and nimbly flew to Mozambique, Africa to capture the essence of the brands impact in underserved markets, interviewing key players and customers. It was the brands very first attempt at branded content and the results far exceeded their expectations.

Branded Content

We collaborated with Essence + Ulta Beauty to create a six-month mentorship program with content and live event extensions. Six young ladies were given the opportunity to learn the ins and outs of the beauty industry as well as create their own makeup capsule collection.


The entire process was filmed and shared as a six episodic series on Essence channels. We were responsible for the strategy, creative development, execution and post-production for the series.

Branded Content

Januarie, 1st collaborated with Prudential to tell the story of three empowering women living their definition of the new norm.


We scripted, produced, and directed the entire series in three markets; Miami, San Fransico and New York.

Branded Content

We worked alongside UWG for four consecutive years to create their social and digital content campaigns for Colgate. Starring Yvonne Orji, Vanessa Simpson, and Claire Sulmners.

The content was showcased on Colgate's digital platforms and amplified with talent social reach and influence.

Original Programming Series

Januarie, 1st worked closely with Universal McCan to create custom multi cultural content specifically targeted to the African American woman. Some of these projects included directing and managing an editorial spread with Letoya Lucket.

Directing and managing a series campaign with Roble in New Orleans where we closed down streets and booked out several restaurants to feature renown chefs and food trucks.

We strategized, creatively directed and managed the annual series campaign with Coca-Cola around the ESSENCE festival and their Share A Coke campaign as well, featuring Monica Brown, Letoya Lucket, Tisha Campbell and Tichina Arnold.

Commercial Launch Campaign

For the past 7 years, we served as the sole content creator for the largest live event in the country, the ESSENCE Festival. We were hired to take on the brand's promotional efforts across broadcast, digital, and social outlets to drive brand awareness and create a fresh creative outlook for the 20+ year event.

The partnership then grew to handle the Magazine's sponsored content needs including event capture as well.

Commercial Launch Campaign

Januarie, 1st creatively executed two campaigns for Toyota.


The first was casting an adventurous young woman and challenging her to drive her dream exploring in the 2017 RAV4.

The second campaign interviewed the imbued Logan Laurice Browning, who starred in the broke out role of Samantha White in the satirical-drama series Dear White People, and the incredible Amanda Seals; recently known as a host on The Real and actress on Insecure. 


We scripted, produced, and directed both campaigns.

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